Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hyde Park Leeds

Meanwhile back in Hyde Park, there has been a murder this weekend in Brudenell Road. Connected with some party in Ash Grove that was still going on at 8.30 am. Well, for a start, who on earth thinks it's a good idea to party while the rest of get the sleep we need for the day ahead. The students who come to live in Hyde Park because they think it's partyland need to realise that, besides the anti-social element to their activities, they put themselves at risk - from all types of predators.

This is a very sad event that tarnishes our community, and will put parents off letting their student-children from living here. Landlords, beware of how you sell this area, or you, too will be the losers.

West Park Centre, one year later

This proposed demolition of West Park Centre and the continued homelessness of Leeds top amateur orchestras and chorus, and Special Needs music charities, if nothing else, could damage Leeds and Leeds Council's reputation as a thriving city. After all it's not just about commerce and shopping.

They have exaggerated the state of the building out of all proportion, and it remains the best sized and best placed building with the most facilities.

That it is the only arts centre of its kind in Leeds, and being inclusive [from top quality players to cutting edge special needs music education] makes the hostility of the powers-that-be

We have put in our complaint to the Ombudsman, and are daily expecting their judgment. However, it took the Council less time to condemn the building, than the Ombudsman has taken to respond. Looks like the latter has put some thought into it, whereas . . . Well, we hope that it's worth the wait.

Or perhaps it is all about the shopping.