Monday, 26 December 2016

Homeless in Leeds

Friday, 26 February 2016

When the train driver attempted to smash the Underground Speed record . .

When the train driver attempted to smash the Underground Speed record, and went for 0 to 60m.p.h. in under 6 seconds at Oval, I was thrown across the carriage with such force that its took the following forty plus people to put me back together:

From the Underground staff (Femmy and Andy), then the paramedics, nurses, auxillary nurses, cleaners, physios, dinner staff, docs, surgeons, anaesthetists, ambulance drivers and all the rest were

Mitch, Elizabeth, Andy, Omar, Marlie, Anni-fried, Ruth, Renata, Abdul, Priscilla, Doreen, Faduma, Grace,  Ziyad, Tomas, Sharon, Vera, Amanda, Dgemal, Jenny, Abigail , Gloria, Maria, Dean,  Katie, Adele, Ads, Andrina, Ali, Janet, Adayam, Helena, Elena, Elina, Natasha, Alex, Denise, Hawa, Adriana, Melda, Intisah, Mr Berwin, Zandile, Simonette, Lizzie, SK, Justice, Karlene,  Jayla, Rico, Rob, Vicky.

Waiting on the platform at London Bridge

I don't think I ever cried with the pain [well, not much], but the very thought of what all of these people at St Thomas, working as a highly organised professional team, did for me, and all the others around me makes me well up with gratitude and admiration every time. [It would probably have been cheaper to train the driver to pull off smoothly though, and then I wouldn't have missed the MU Teachers Meeting]].

saw more London friends . . .
If any names wrongly spelt or people missed out, and you read this blog please let me know.