Friday, 8 March 2013

On Behalf of Those Who Can't Speak up for Themselves

From: Irene M Peace
6th March 2013

Dear Councillors and Colleagues,

One hundred and twenty four days ! Yes, this is the time which has passed since the West Park Centre was closed without fair notice – causing YAMSEN (and many other organisations) to be compulsorily decamped along with their valuable instruments, props, equipment, manuscripts and much more. Result – We, at YAMSEN are determined to carry on with the work we are known for throughout Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond even though with considerable difficulty. All of our instruments, documents, equipment etc. is stored in varying schools, peoples houses and a lock up in Holbeck involving us in additional expense in the excessive transporting involved as well as all the inconvenience. Other specialised equipment, such as that used in the light/sound sensory room lies dormant since we had to move, a waste of valuable assets. We have, additionally, had to hire various church halls and other rooms at considerable cost to our organisation which, I may remind you, is a registered charity of long standing.

In addition to our three large choirs we are determined to keep as many of our regular rehearsals, workshops and classes going notwithstanding the extreme difficulties. Two of our regular events to be held in June, the Multi Sensory Day and Donkey Daze each cost us £1000.00 room hire plus cost of transporting equipment. Both of these events are for children, many with multiple disabilities requiring suitable wheelchair access and associated facilities.

The adult choir Off By Heart (so named by the members because a fair proportion of them have to learn the words of the tunes ‘off by heart’) will shortly be singing in the Rothwell Music Festival and the Wharfedale Music Festival as well as, by invitation, at a number of concerts at venues around the region.

All of this shows how determined and committed we are to continuing our work. However, we desperately need to be back in the West Park Centre ! Why? Because it has all the facilities that we require and on one level – full wheelchair access, large, free car park, large halls for big events, many smaller rooms for additional activities, lots of storage space, a library,, an office, disabled toilet, spacious foyer for registration, socialising and refreshments.

Surely you and your fellow councillors can show that some of you have a heart and give consideration now to the needs of the hundreds on whose behalf we work who have very Special Needs and who cannot speak for themselves. Open the doors to the West Park Centre for us now ! Yours sincerely.

 Irene M Peace

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