Wednesday, 10 April 2013

It's Okay for Some

Just got this email from Carol:
I have just driven past West Park Centre, to my amazement I saw Yorkshire Television doing filming inside and out side the building.
The back car park was full of vehicles, including the chuck waggon. Most of the front of the building was full of vehicles to, and lots of
crew about. The front door was open with people going in and out, so much for a dangerous building.
Best regards,

Well, that's not very nice is it! That's where our offices, our storeroom spaces and our performance areas are. That was our home. That's where we are trying to move back into. Who let them; why weren't we informed; what were they allowed to do? Did someone say, Oh don't worry - it's going to be knocked down?

How very insensitive, and how very rude. Sue wrote this:

Today the West Park Centre was open for filming --- car park full --- electrics on --- all singing and dancing --- fab! ---  On Friday our YAMSEN group is having again to struggle with 100 people in a n=much smaller space just over the road at the URC and the same for our children next Tuesday.

YAMSEN are running their weekly Friday morning session this week - space is very tight for 100 people --- the West Park Centre was closed to us and  so many more groups  overnight last November because of electrical problems with no mention of finding us another suitable space. I would like to know why a film crew is allowed in and we're not --- a bit like the Russians in November! I would like an answer as soon as possible  please  --- Sue T --- YAMSEN

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