Monday, 8 July 2013

YEP Letter: No long-term home for groups after West Park Centre shut

Letter: No long-term home for groups after West Park Centre shut

It is close to the North Leeds Ring Road – accessible from all parts of Leeds – with a large off-street car park, ample storage space provided for equipment, with groups of willing local volunteers keen to help run regular on-site music/arts activities and special musical events.

Where is this? Why the West Park Centre, Spen Lane, of course.
Such a valuable resource for the wide range of educational/recreational groups based there, which totalled a footfall of 2,000 per week until, eight months ago when it was suddenly ‘temporarily’ closed with one day’s notice to all its users.
Since November 2 some groups, hitherto accommodated in West Park Centre, have not been satisfactorily ‘re-homed’ – certainly NOT on a long-term basis. Temporary venues are unable to provide adequate storage space for instruments/equipment and have limited parking space nearby.
Those of us connected with West Park Centre remember it as a place of true inclusion and integration; young with old, special needs with mainstream, sharing a love of their centre’s ‘music community’ and socialising, networking and relaxing in the cafĂ© there.
Ann Gilliam, YAMSEN/LTNA

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