Monday, 30 September 2013

Centre's Users Still Homeless

Thanks to Yorkshire Evening Post:
YEP Letters: September 30

I ATTENDED Scrutiny Board as a witness to the senselessness of the closure of the West Park Centre. No rolling stones, here at West Park, we had gathered moss. From indie video companies and talking newspapers for the blind, to 100- strong orchestras and choirs.
Here all the synergy that you ever wish you could plan for had already happened. Forty odd permanent centre users filled the place up every week, Plus all the regular bookings - council training courses in child-protection, first aid etc.
One councillor said he had visited the centre twice, and once, he had to step over a puddle to get in.
Twice! What was my 16 years’ experience against someone who had visited the place twice! Why did the orchestras come 
back week after week for decades?
But, under the West Park floor boards was the Wormtail of an electric system hissing its evil way around, and every so often they would open the grates and say, ooo, that needs fixing, and close the grates again.
Perhaps to keep us off the topic the spokesperson from Asset Management seemed to filibuster her way through 20 minutes including mentioning that she had been off sick for a while.
Why? They condemned the person who spared Leeds’ blushes by telling the Russians to go ahead with their event, when anyone might have made the same decision.
What they did not do at Scrutiny was consider the fate of the displaced users, still homeless 10 months later: and that organisations only given half a loaf would eventually starve; that charities with no base for so long would eventually go into melt down.

Victoria Jaquiss FRSA, YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic, West Park Centre Campaign Group

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