Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hyde Park Leeds LS6 UK

September 2012. Am going for the third blog here.  The Leeds Schools Campaigner is really just for education with a leaning towards Leeds, LS6, UK. The Letter to Carriacou is my letter about gigs and personal adventures to Debs, who should be in Carriacou but at present is in an Emirate. Don’t ask.  [Read the blog.]

And so, may I introduce: Hyde Park Leeds and the Wider World. As it says on the tin, about local events, politics, community in Hyde Park, sometimes just local, and sometimes as it affects Leeds and then further afield.

Hyde Park, Leeds is the area surrounding and a bit northwards from Woodhouse Moor [see below on a sunny day], an old battleground from the English Civil War, and Hyde Park doesn’t usually get a good press.  And this blog does not particularly propose to change that.

I live in Hyde Park, hence my interest.  Like many who do, I stayed here after Uni, lovely architecture, nice mix of cultures and social groupings, population on the transient side, from the students to the immigrants, all leads to a life led privately.

So much Victoria architecture was, of course,  often lovely up fronts which were often facades for rather plainer backs.  

 The streets above are Brudenell Road at sunset, and then Moorland Avenue. Moorland Avenue is really the back street for Moorland Road and St John's Grove. This aspect of the houses on this street is inevitably plain, and the rebuilt garage [above/left] with its attendant rubbish is a true eyesore. Most houses on Moorland Avenue have given over most or all of their gardens for parking spaces. And, as you see can see from the above  picture, some trees were harmed in this exercise.  In short they [the trees] are not there anymore, and actually, despite some complaints,  no landlords were harmed in this exercise, and no replacement trees ever grew in their place.

Ironically  the sign in the front garden of the rubbish back declares there to be "luxury apartments". This is a conservation area so trees should not be felled, and signs should not be erected. 


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