Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Inner area Councillors meeting Part One

Sue doesn't do emails, internet or computers, but she can't half text! So, as soon as the Sparrows and  I finish murdering Bridge Over Troubled Water I am on my way to Woodsley Road Community Centre for a local area councillors' meeting.  After the initial open debate we gather round three tables, one for noise, one for transport and parking, and one for litter. [I simplify their titles.]

My favourite was the Noise Table. I sounded off about the parties that arose in the Moorlands and bellowed down Hyde Park Road and into the bedrooms windows of the not so sleeping estate residents.  Yes, I've kept Noise Nuisance diaries; yes, I've been round to complain. "But it's Hyde Park, " one bloke expostulated, "It's where I live, "I replied, "and like to sleep". The next time they had a party, Rick phoned the landlord at 4am, and asked them to listen in.

Another time Ursula and I went round together to a party, in full swing, marquee, dex, speakers; sadly, at the one and the same time, I was phoning the Noise People and Ursula was asking them to turn it down, so when the Noise people arrived, they reckoned it wasn't noisy enough.  Back home past girls weeing in the street in St John's Grove.

Anyway, according to the chairs of these tables,  the powers that be will be coming down harder on the nuisances, and we will all sleep happily ever after.

I moved onto the Parking Table. . . . .

A few days later the party down the street went on into the small hours; and two days after that some new residents showed off their lack of parking skills.

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