Sunday, 17 February 2013

Executive Board thinks about the West Park Centre

On Friday the Executive Board from Leeds Council met to discuss the West Park Report. A small deputation of West Park Refugees, who were either retired, part time, or not conducting a large group of adults at the West Park Church, went down to the Civic Hall.
taking down the curtains in the Main Hall

Five options were offered ranging from fully keeping the centre standing to full demolition, with a recommendation for two:  either partial or full demolition. The board wisely opined that
1. more information needed to come in before they could make a proper informed decision
2. that the decision had to be exactly the right one, yet speed was of the essence
for a change - it's City Square
3. that some ex-users need proper temporary accommodation as of yesterday
4. they needed to consult fully with the users before making any final decisions

They also acknowedged that most people consuted wanted the centre as it is - of course without any holes in the roof or the potential for electrocution.

The people who spoke were Cllrs Lewis, Golton, Yeadon and Wakefield.

A small group of us met with Cllr Lewis and Mr Farrington from Asset Management to discuss these decisions and the way forward. Firstly the West Park Campaign Group meets/met on Sunday to discuss how best to fully inform the decision-makers; then there's Scrutiny on Thursday 21st at 10am at the Civic Hall. Open to the public. Sorry if you are at work; but, hey teachers, what better way to spend a half-term morning. If you can't attend, you can send in a letter to the Council.

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