Wednesday, 20 February 2013

No Scrutiny this week

Oh my Goodness, it's endless. First it's the sudden closure [November], then the council meetings, some we get to, some just councillors, Inner North East [December] at the Cardigan Centre, then just about everybody get to meet Assett Management, then Executive board [February], then we meet Cllr Lewis, and Asset Management again. And then it's Feb 21st Scrutiny, only they're only only discussing when they're discussing it. So, not exactly getting us back in.

Month by month, the West Park Centre sits impatiently unused, by hundreds of violinists, and cellists and the rest of the boys and girls in the band, and by the gamellanists and the pannists [no half term practice for the Sparrows as they head for Barnado's at the Town Hall], unused by the music therapists and the kick-boxers, and the ballroom-dancers, and the orchestras of Leeds. Think you get the picture.

This blog is to say West Park Centre is not on the Scrutiny Board agenda on February 21st.
orchestra in gym

And do you know, when I wanted to put an electric shower in my house, Ollie the Electrician said you'll need a new fuse box, so we got a new fuse box.

Phew! There was me thinking I was going to have take the family and live in a couple of guest houses nearby, put the cat in a cattery, and ship all the furniture into storage while we thought about it.

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