Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sport at the West Park Centre: Our Olympic Legacy?

We were very excited a year or so back when the Sports Side of Education in Leeds joined us at the Arts Side at the West Park Centre. Successive governments have paid lip service, it seemes to me, about the value of sport or music/art/drama, but schools get measured on none of these things, and yet research over and over again proves their value to the intellectual and social development of our children. At the West Park Centre we knew what was important!

And Sports had just settled in when the West Park Centre was so rudely closed. 

Straight away, they lost the hall space for courses; the alternatives are smaller, and restrict their maximum capacity and so affect their contact and income. They are a resource rich service and have lost 'arms length' storage space which costs them time, convenience and efficiency. 

The Camp Store was rehoused September 1st and was set out in the best space ever, with easy access to viewing, collection and return of equipment ranging from walking boots and Kagoules to tents and stoves. Usage was quickly expanding. Now the storage means access is very difficult, robbing schools and organisations of an opportunity to be out in the great outdoors suitably equipped. They lost spacious office area with a secure storage room for Coaching Leeds informtion. Restricted desk/office space affects their ability to prepare for courses, conferences and presentations, thus affecting the smooth, efficient running of their service at particularly busy times. 

The sudden closure of West Park and subsequent move to Merrion and The Depot have had a significant impact on their service at a particularly important time.  

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